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I have volunteered to "coach" a high school trivia team that competes against other local schools. In order to make things a bit more official I thought we should have team shirts made. Most of the sports teams have some clever slogan or saying on the back which indicates how great they are at their chosen sport. My group of super-brainy students and I are having a hard time figuring out what our slogan should be. Obviously it must be school appropriate, but other than that we are very open to suggestions.

Some we've bounced around but have not chosen:
Let's get quizzical!
Suck it Trebek! (not appropriate)
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What we do is not trivial.
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Brains! Delicious Brains!
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We don't pursue trivia: trivia pursues us.
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Oh man, I was an academic quizbowl geek, hardcore. (I was captain of the high school team when I was in 6th grade, just to prove that I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING HERE WITH THE QUIZBOWL THING.) Anyway, one of the things that endeared me to the University of Chicago (where I eventually went for college) was their official unofficial slogan: Where Fun Comes To Die.

We had a lot of really fun, nerdy slogans that you could either use if you want (just tell your students where it's actually from) or use as inspiration to come up with your own.

-Where fun comes to die.
-That's all well and good in practice, but how does it work in theory?
-When you sleep, we study.
-If it were easy it'd be your mom. (not appropriate)

And then there was another one that I loved, where it was just a bigass cartoon drawing of a dinosaur with a stick figure trampled under its foot. The dinosaur was labeled "University of Chicago" and the stick figure was labeled "me."

We also had a fight song, which was hilarious since the only people who ever went to the sports games were either playing them or the significant others of the players, but here you go:

Themistocles! Thucydides!
The Peloponnesian War!
X squared! Y squared!
Wherefore! Whyfor!
Who?...are we cheering for?

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Q: XY?
A: Your Momma.

Trivia 'R Us.

Quiz Bowl: not for dummies, dummy.

We know things.

(I was also on quiz bowl back in the day...Captain in 6th grade, Lit and History specialist after that. So cool that you're coaching them!)
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On a similar vein to Ruthless Bunny: Zombies dig us
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Oh, and a little off-topic note to you as the coach: give your kids nicknames. We had THE BEST quizbowl coach back in the day, and he always made it really special by treating us like we were just as important as the athletes in our academically-challenged, jock-heavy school.

He found out what we were good at, then crafted our nicknames around that, and would use them when he made assembly announcements about our tournaments and wins and so forth. I don't remember anyone else's, but I was Jen "I can define a lichen" Lee.
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It's very possible that I will burn for all eternity in hell for linking to a Yahoo! Answer, but this question garnered a response containing an extensive list of interesting names, albeit many very unsuitable.
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This is stolen from Better Off Ted as are all the best things in life, but what about "More brains than a zombie Thanksgiving"?
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Also please get a mod to tell us what you end up choosing as I am now very excited about this.
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kebert xela

But I vote for Portmanteau's idea.
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The Quizzley Bears
Avada Kedavra! or, to be nicer, Confundo!
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Actually, ....
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These are great, keep 'em coming! The zombie theme is genius, my students will definitely run with that. The team names you've suggested are funny, but we have to use our school's name for the team.

I also like the idea of nicknames for the team members, especially since I don't have many of these kids in class and I'm trying to build the coach/student relationship.
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"Victory through Obscurity" -- extra points if you can put it in Latin.
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I went to a nerdy math/science magnet high school which has had some shirts printed up with the slogan "Talk Nerdy To Me". It's a little borderline, but I feel like if I can think of a high school that officially sanctioned it for official school promotional use, it will probably fly at your school.


Talk Nerdy To Me
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Our nerd-bowl shirts in high school had a picture of Shiva, like so, with the caption "Our School Nerdbowl: Trampling the Demon of Ignorance" (as this is how Shiva is popularly depicted).
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We paved the information superhighway.
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Badass quotes from Breaking Bad:
No Half Measures
Tread Lightly
We Are The Danger

ad victoriam (to victory)
sapere aude (dare to be wise)
Fortes soli, fortiores una (strong alone, stronger together)
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What'll we do tomorrow night, Brain?
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We've forgotten more facts than you'll know in your lifetime
Brains > Brawn
Trivia team: Where being a know-it-all is an asset
Cogitamus, ergo sumus (We think, therefore we are)
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"Academia Nuts"
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Masters of the Quizverse
Knowledge Thirsts for Us
We Quizbowl you over
Alex Trebek fears us.
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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... but I don't know how much stronger I can get.

How about some song lyrics? Our Ultimate team had "Move as a team, never move alone/Welcome to the Terrordome" which was a little weird coming from a bunch of skinny white Midwesterners. But it looked awesome on a t-shirt.
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Zombie themed: A shirt with an illustration of a brain and "We Devour Our Opponents" or "Devour the Opponent"

Way Above Average

Brains Aren't Given, They're Earned

My Game is Trivia or My Game is Quizbowl
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More Trivial Than You Can Possibly Imagine
We put the try in trivial.
If it's trivial, we pursue it.
Trivia: where only nerds dare tread.

Yes, please, let us know the result.
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