More attractive alternative to zip ties?
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Is there a better looking alternative to zip ties? We have something that we would like to secure in place, and zip ties would work nicely. However, we would like a better looking option, if possible. Is there anything that is functionally equivalent, looks not-too-bad, and can ideally be bought at Home Depot?
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Home Depot sells Velcro Zip Ties.
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A hose clamp might fit some definitions of more attractive.
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The velcro ones also come in colors. Can you talk more about what your needs are? Other options might be clear monofilament, colored zip ties, handsome cable clips or something else depending on what needs to be done.
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Strip the core strands out of some paracord, run the zip ties down the middle, and then melt the ends of the paracord to cover the zip ties' joints. Viola!

You can do the same with the wire from inside scrap 12 ga. romex!
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What do you find unsightly about them? My biggest zip tie peeve is when people use it and don't do anything about the dangly bits. They should be snipped close to the catch after they have been cinched in which really visually cleans them up.
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Heatshrink could work for cable or wire-like things. Your local electrical supply house will probably have a variety of cable ties. Depending on your application, some other kind of fastener might also work.
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If you are ok with stainless steel, there are stainless steel cable ties, which work just like the plastic ones.

you can also get the plastic ones in pretty much any color you want, to match whatever you are attaching to. one thing when using zip ties is to put the buckle on the back (if possible) so that it is hidden.

another option is cable lacing, where you use a running stitch of twine to accomplish the same thing as evenly spaced zip ties along a bundle. this is what was used before zip ties were available.
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Decorated binder clips? Comb binding? Pipe cleaners? (Knowing what you're attempting would be a big help here..)
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There's RABALDER cable conduit from IKEA, or plenty of knockoffs from online stores.

Or did I read wrong and you're trying to secure something like a power cord to something non-cordy like a table leg?
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Bondage tape. No, really. It's pretty useful stuff. Sticks to itself but to nothing else. It can also be purchased in not-sex-toy packaging, but it's a lot easier to find marketed as bondage tape.

Silicone tape is similar and much more durable, but a bit harder to apply tidily.

Carefully-applied electrical tape can also work, though it leaves residue if that's a concern.
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Great ideas, these are very helpful. It's being used to temporarily hold together a component on a piece of furniture until a more permanent fix can be made. So functional and able to support some weight (not a ton, but a bit), and ideally not ugly.
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Yeah, it would be helpful to know a little more about the specific application and what's making the zip ties stand out as ugly (too plasticky/cheap? wrong color? the lines break up what should be a smooth surface? or what?). Most things that are functionally similar to zip ties are going to also possess many of the visual features of zip ties, so they wouldn't be an improvement. Personally, I'd just try to camouflage the zip ties after the fact-- depending on the situation, you could hide each tie under a:
fabric strip
folded wrapping paper
slim strip of leather
bunch of strings of seed beads
braid of raffia, etc., etc.

Or get some friendly plastic (available at most craft stores) and mold yourself a custom cover to snap over the zip tie once it's attached.
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Home depot also sells these great big Gear Ties. Big rubberized twist tie like things that are pretty sturdy.
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Seconding Sanka, I'm a big fan of Gear Ties.
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I once did an ornamental knot called a French whipping to help support/repair a snapped supportive board in a futon frame.

It was a very strong repair, because I used wood glue to both repair the snap and to help secure the whipping when I was done tying it. The whipping and repair held for years of regular use.

Also the nature of the French whipping knot is that the knot of each half hitch buts up against the previous one forming a nice spiral around the knot the longer you tie the whipping.
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Hitch knots? It depends on the shape of things a little, but that's a decent approximation of a zip tie.

It's good enough for NASA!
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Note: The white/transparent zip ties are the strongest. Colored ones are made of a different material and can break easily.
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Maybe a ClampTite?
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My suggestion was a Clamptite too. It at least lacks the raised bit inherent in zip tie use.

like_neon: "They should be snipped close to the catch after they have been cinched in which really visually cleans them up."

Zip ties should either be installed with a tensioning tool which cuts the excess off below the level of lock or they should be twisted off with a pair of pliers. Either method prevents the extremely sharp edge that usually results when the tails are just snipped off.
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Arrange the zip tie so the closure is in the least obvious place. Cut the end off the zip tie.

Go to a fabric store and buy some trim that will look nice with the furniture. You could get wide trim and wrap it around once, or a narrower trim and wrap it several times. You might want to get extra to make matching wraps around some other part of the furniture so it looks symmetrical/matching/whatever. If you really want it to look symmetrical, put a zip tie on the part that isn't broken before you cover it up.

Build up the area around the zip tie with some tape to make it more even. Wrap the trim around and glue or tape it in place.
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