NYC doctor for female hair loss?
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Hello. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the NYC area that specializes in female hair thinning? Thanks!
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I have never been to him, but Dr. Geoffrey Redmond is talked about a lot in relation to hormones and female hair loss. He's an endocrinologist.
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Philip Kingsley. He's a trichologist, not a licensed M.D. in the states. He has clinics in NY and London and has given presentations on hair loss and thinning to Mt. Sinai and other institutions around. I went to see him a number of years ago as a last resort, figuring it would be some kind of quackery; my hair had been thinning for a very long time and I couldn't grow it out at all. I would just fritter away and the strands were thin and broke easily. I didn't realize how embarrassed I felt about how I looked!

ETA: oh, hey, sorry - I'm a girl. :)

He analyzed bloodwork which, though it was fine for other things (I had gone to an endocrinologist or three on this issue, as well as other doctors), was not in line everywhere for hair growth - he explained that it's a special animal, hair growth, and most doctors don't know much about it. He prescribed some topical treatments as well as vitamin supplements for where I was deficient. Fast forward a few years and my hair is now almost shoulder length and I had to buy new hairclips to keep it up as it wouldn't fit in the old ones! I couldn't ask for a better experience.

His visits are not covered by insurance, so you have to be able to pay out of pocket - but if you can afford it, I say it's worth every penny.
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