I need your head/sweatband recommendations.
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I get sweaty when I work out. I get REALLY sweaty when I practice yoga in a 105 degree room. I need a headband that will 1) help keep my hair out of my face when I'm in down dog and 2) help prevent my hair sweat from joining forces with my face sweat.

- My head is small and oddly shaped and my hair is smooth, which makes for a very slippery surface to try and keep head gear stuck to. I've had the best luck keeping wider headbands on my noggin.
- Did I mention that I get REALLY sweaty? Normal elastic headbands just don't cut because they can't absorb much moisture.

Things I'm Already Doing:
- I wear my shoulder length hair in either a tight bun on the top of my head, or a ponytail that I braid. These seem to work best with keeping my longer layers out of my face and off my neck, but I need something to deal with my bangs and wispy hairs.
- Vaseline on the eyebrows to help keep some of the sweat out of my eyes.
- Hand towel for dabbing my face when I get a chance.
- Drinking a LOT of water to avoid dehydration.

So MeFi, do you have any recommendations for head gear that I can wear that will keep hair and sweat out of my face and stay firmly in place?
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My (sweaty) husband just ties a absorbent microfiber bandana around his head, Rambo style. Not super-fashionable but it can be as tight as he wants and nothing gets in his eyes.
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When I had bangs, criss-crossed bobby pins helped. Perhaps that for keeping your hair out of your face, plus whatever other method?
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I use a headband like this, but am sure to scrunch down the bottom part that sits just below my hairline. Somehow this keeps the hair up and collects enough sweat that I don't have my glasses covered in sweat.
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I really love my Buff headband. No other headbands stay in my hair at all, but I can run and dance in the Buff with no problem. And it's wide enough to keep my bangs out of my eyes and wick sweat. I can't stand to work out without it anymore!
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I use a Sweaty Band headband (on my phone but I bought it at Nordstrom and they also have a website) held in place with a reversed bobby pin on each side of my head. By reversed I mean pointing the open end towards your ponytail.
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I use a Sweaty Band. I got it off Amazon and it really stays on and is pretty cute. I put my hair in a high top knot so the length doesn't get my neck sweat on it. Eww, I know. I just rinse it out in the sink if I had a really good sweat.
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I just use a regular old cotton bandana, folded corner to corner, then folded into a 1 or 2 inch band and tied in back. Like this. At the end of my workout I can literally wring it out. If I don't wear it I drip.
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It's stupidly overpriced, but I love my Bang Buster. It stays put and no hair escapes.
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