Listening to Podcasts on a PC
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I am looking for suggestions around programs that I can use on my PC to listen to my podcast. (it should also download and update my podcast regularly)

I would like to listen to songs and podcast on my PC whilst I am working. I want to make sure that my key podcasts are updated regularly within this tool/app. Do not want to use bloated programs like ITunes so looking for suggestions on programs that I can use to listen to podcast on a PC.
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I haven't used any of them (other than the behemoth that is iTunes) but this Lifehacker article has a few suggestions.
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I just switched to MusicBee, but used Media Monkey just before that. Both are dead simple to use.

Only thing I liked on ipods is that you can speed up the playback of podcasts. Haven't figured out that on either MM or MB yet.
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I used to use Doppler, but always had problems with it. These days I find WinAmp works better for PC use, though I mostly use my phone now.
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Listening and staying current are two separate tasks. I use VLC to listen. Keeping track of new podcasts is really an RSS function. I used to use google docs for that but now that's gone and they have a product called Zapier. I haven't tried it but it looks like it will do what you want.
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Are the podcasts you like on Stitcher? You can just stream them with the web client.
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Oh, missed the line about not wanting bloated things: If you want minimalist is about as minimalist as you get. A simple script (Less then one page of text) that you run manually (or more likely via a scheduled event on windows or Chronjob on *nix).

Now, the downside is it will be hard to get it working on Windows, though Cygwin should work through.

That will download all the podcasts you want, then you simply play it in any player you want.
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