SugarCRM and filter-able calendar events
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I need a calendar that will work with SugarCRM and will allow me to search/filter records. Details inside.

This is one of those things that I think MUST exist somewhere but no amount of Googling has turned it up. I'm running SugarCRM Community Edition v. 6.5.8 on our webhost. I customized the Meetings module -- we use it to track events. I want to be able to search/filter Meetings records, and in addition to seeing my result set as a list, I want to see those records (and ONLY those) on a calendar. The trouble is there's no way to filter which events will show up on the calendar in Sugar's Calendar module -- users see everything to which they've been "invited."

A solution within SugarCRM would be ideal, like a "Calendar Plus" module. However, external solutions would be acceptable. We've tried pushing Meetings records to Google calendar but I can only see a list view of records, not a calendar view, and some of our custom data is lost. But if there's a Google Calendar solution to this problem, please let me know. I've not been able to find it.

We would pay somebody to develop this if we knew where to look. There are about a million Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sugar partners out there and I have no notion about how to select one. We're a small arts organization and our budget for this would be very limited. However, this seems like functionality that should already exist -- that is, it seems like it should be easy to create.

What am I missing? Or where can I find what I need? Thanks for any help.
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Best answer: You might get a better response posting this over on Spiceworks' CRM forum.
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Response by poster: Thanks, schnee!

Do you think I should have asked this in a broader way, like "if I can generate a list of event names and date info, what's an easy way to see those events on a calendar?"

Thanks again for your help.
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