20-Minute Media Recs?
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I would love any recommendations for podcasts, vodcasts, webisodes, or (if any) television shows that regularly clock in at as close to 20 minutes as possible. I know most sitcoms are around 25 minutes, but that's a little too long for my current purposes. Anything spring to mind?
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Most TED Talks are around 18 minutes long.
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99% Invisible.
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Episodes of this season's Community are 21 minutes and just a little bit if you get them without the ads. BBC's Witness podcasts are 9 and 10 minutes long, so you could stack two and be pretty close. A few shorter suggestions in this AskMe thread.
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Planet Money (a podcast) is usually under 20 minutes.
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R4 Pop-Up Ideas podcast is 15m long
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Another R4 suggestion, they are streaming their "A Short History of Ireland" on the website and the episodes are 15 minutes each. There are 240 of them and each episode is available for about a week. Episodes five through nine are currently available.
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Welcome to Nightvale (podcast; it's a fictional radio show about a supernatural, noir-ish town) episodes are usually 20-25 minutes long.
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say yes to the dress (streaming on netflix, without commercials) is 19 minutes and some seconds long. i was ready to hate the show, but it's kind of addictive. i would think other tlc 30 minute shows would clock in about the same (sadly).
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Most of the episodes of The League are around 21 minutes.
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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episodes vary in length but are often in the 15-20 minute range.
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