Does your USPS PO Box office have security cameras?
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After my PO Box was broken into, I have been searching for a USPS location that has security cameras aimed at the boxes (NOT the space where the employees work), and after speaking to 5 post offices and even chatting with the local postal inspector, I'm beginning to doubt that this even exists.

Without security cameras, there's nothing to prevent vandalism from happening again. I'm in southern California, but I like to know if your box has cameras/some sort of security even if you're in another USPS locale. If so, was the security already there, or did you/others have to demand for the postmaster to get something in place?
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None in ours. I opted for a private mail box service through a retail outlet.
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My post office has all the boxes laid out along a wall in a big open space that's shared with the lobby. There's no obstructed sight lines. Anyone who tries to vandalize a box will be seen by everyone waiting in line at the windows or walking in from outside.
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Mine is the same as RonButNotStupid's. Except for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, the post office box area is only open the same times as the rest of the building is.
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Mine does, in Chapel Hill.
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That may be because of the courtroom being in the same building (in Chapel Hill)
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I will look for some next time I go but going off memory I'd say I've never seen any.
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i am aware of an instance where the bad guy opened his box, stuck his arm in, reached around and stole mail from adjacent boxes and fucked with them.
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