Help me find a rolling storage/cart to store all my crap
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I'd like to find a reasonably sturdy rolling storage/cart that I can use in my studio to store paint, supplies etc., and I would like to be able to put it underneath my work tables. Lots of mind-boggling options on the interwebs, I would love some recommendations.
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How big of a cart do you need? We use this IKEA cart in our kitchen and under our desks. It's sturdy and good-looking.
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I have an IKEA Helmer that I use to store my gigantic collection of nail polish and manicure supplies. It's low enough to store under most work tables (however, it's just a smidge too high to put under my vanity). It's also pretty sturdy, rolls, and is a decent buy for only $39.
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I use carts a lot as an electrical contractor, to store supplies and as rolling working stations, when we do hotel renovations. After trying several types, this Craftsmen cart from Sears, is the best. It is sturdy and stable, not easy to knock over. The wheels work wheel, it is easy to move around, and it is small enough to fit through any doorway or hallway. It is also big enough to be a rolling work station. And, it can take a lot of abuse, and still work well. There are cheaper carts, but this one is quality.
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At work we have some rolling taborets. If you google the word taboret you will find a number or options and price ranges.
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My old work had a couple of these.

They were nigh-indestructible, and fit under the adjustable work tables we had there. We moved sometimes hundreds of pounds of stuff with them.
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