Where to score new rubber for a Type 1 in DC?
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My father's '72 VW Beetle needs new tires. Where to buy replacements in the MD suburbs of DC? 165/15 for stock wheels.

Substitutes sizes seem available but dubious (this opinion developed after talking to a guy at Mr. Tire in Laurel)). Or maybe you can recommend a trusted source from which I could order a few, online?
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Tire Rack is a trusted source.
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Yes, tire rack. And they'll recommend installers and offer all costs up front to boot.
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Thirding Tire Rack.
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I found that buying at Costco (though that means you need a membership) was equivalent in price to using Tire Rack once I factored in the installation charge & disposal fees. If you have one remotely close to you it's a nice deal as well for the freebie road hazard coverage. The one in Beltsville has a tire center and you should be able to just look up their prices online. As I recall they simply list full installed price though local disposal fees may not be included.

They're where I've bought the last 3 sets of tires we needed for various vehicles. After the first two times I stopped checking Tire Rack (who I had pleasant experiences with, but there was either no savings or not one worth the week+ it took & multiple interactions vs just driving in and leaving the car)
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