Gastronomical Vegas?
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Cool restaurants in Vegas that are moderately priced?

My wife and I had our 4th Anniversary yesterday, this weekend we're going to Vegas to stay with some friends and catch a show. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good restuarant in Vegas that isn't too expensive? On or Off the strip is fine. Thanks in advance.
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Ever been to Munich, Germany? No? Then try the Hofbrauhaus a few blocks off the Strip. Very good food, tremendous beer (although not quite the size you get at the original Hofbrauhaus). It's different, and that's why I liked it and recommend it.
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The Blue Wave (in Henderson) used to be the best deal in Vegas for Japanese seafood and sushi. All you can eat for something like $30. Unfortunately they were closed last time we were in Vegas (ca August). Does anybody know if they have reopened or moved?
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I'd recommend Tabla Indian Cuisine, upstairs in the Hawaiian Marketplace (between the Aladdin and the Monte Carlo casinos, on the strip). It's inexpensive and delicious with elegant decor despite its unfashionable location. When I was there, out of about 40 diners I'd say 36 of them were Indian.
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Batista's Hole In The Wall, right off the strip (By Bally's I think?). 'Go there every time we're in Vegas for great Italian food. Anyone I've recommended it to that has gone has thanked me for the recommendation and loved it. Lots of history, unique atmosphere, great food, and all the red or white wine you can drink. The little fella who walks around singing with this accordian has been there for something like 60+ years and is a riot to watch.
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My recommendation would be for Todai. Delicious all-you-can-eat seafood and sushi (and dessert!) I love this chain soooo much. They're located in the Aladdin hotel's shopping complex. Seriously, check out the menu on their website. If that's not enough to make you start drooling I don't know what is.
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I was going to recommend Renata's Supper Club on Sunset but from their website I can't even tell if it exists anymore. If it does still, I can say I never had a bad meal there.

On another note if, like me, you love greasy breakfast goodness then the Full Irish Fryup at Nine Fine Irishman at New York New York is a good way to coat your alcohol ravaged stomach in the morning. Warning: contains both black and white pudding. If you've never had it and are sensitive about where your food comes from, avoid it.
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The italian place (Stavoli's??) at Circus Circus is consistently high-rated. I love it. Nice atmosphere, in spite of being in Circus Circus.

Or, the 24-hour restaurant in Mandalay Bay. I can't remember the name. It's not 24-hour-cafe-like at ALL. The food is GREAT. Service is excellent. Ask for a table by the window.
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I recommend the buffet at the Bellagio. The dinner is pretty expensive ($30 or so), but the lunch is half that. So when is a $15 lunch buffet moderate? When among the entrees you can get things like ravioli with butternut squash, wild boar BBQ ribs and Kobe beef.

Spago is in the Caesar's Palace complex, kinda off the casino leading into the shopping area. 4 star food at a 3 star price.
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Kobe Beef? That stuff supposedly costs $100 a pound. In a $15 lunch buffet? You sure?
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Best answer: I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Lotus of Siam. It's getting a fair amount of recognition as the best Thai restaurant in the country. Chow Magazine, for one. There's plenty of discussion on, too.
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I'm planning my own trip through Vegas so I consulted and one of the most intrigiung suggestions was a place called Rosemary's. 3 course prix-fix for $35 and supposedly the food is excellent.
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The Bellagio's breakfast buffet is spectacular. I think it's like $15, which I know isn't cheap for breakfast, but you're in Vegas, and you shouldn't expect cheap eats except at places that are off the beaten path.

I also second the recommendation of Todai - it's a buffet, but it's high quality stuff, for the most part. I have been to the one in vegas, as well as the one in Schaumburg, IL, and both were great.

As far as CHEAP food - it's best to just look around when you get there, but you can mostly forget about cheap food on the strip, save for the occasional special at Imperial Palace, probably.... But that food isn't spectacular... (it's decent late night grub though)...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations so far. I'm not trying to be a tight ass on our anniversary or anything, usually we do something a little more extravagant, but, my wife is expecting our first kid in January, so, we're trying to take it easy this year as she can't really party too hard and we need to save our monies.

Keep the ideas coming.
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Batista's had a wait of at least an hour every night, and they weren't even taking phone reservations while we were there.

If you want something off the beaten track, try Charlie Vegas, a fantastic Thai restaurant in the Downtown area (near the Fulsom St. experience/excruciation). Cheap, tasty and not at all busy.
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PF Chang's, in the Aladdin, is a chain but is relatively cheap and really good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. We have reservations at the Lotus of Siam for tomorrow night.
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Response by poster: Lotus of Siam was great. Thanks stuart_s!
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