identify houseplant - hanging/trailing vines with small round leaves
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I am trying to identify a houseplant that I saw growing indoors in my friends' house in France. It was in a small pot hung high on the wall, and there were long tendrils or vines that hung down from the pot about six feet in length. They were thin tendrils with small round leaves (about 1 inch or one-half inch diameter). Looked like small coins on a string. Can someone please tell me what plant this might have been?
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Best answer: Maybe a Ceropegia woodii, commonly known as String of Hearts.
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Couple of options: Xerosicyos danguyi

dischidia nummularia
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Were the leaves thick and fleshy, or thin and papery (like most leaves)?
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Dichondra? The darker green plants are called Emerald Falls, the lighter silvery is Silver Falls.
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Best answer: These are all great suggestions. It was most like the first (String of Hearts). The leaves were thin, not succulent.
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