What kind of contractor do I need?
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I have a small bathroom that needs work. I need to get the pipes under the sinks replaced, new faucets installed and countertop replaced. I'm an Angie's list member but I'm not sure what kind of contractor to look for. Can a plumber do everything including countertops? Do I need to get a plumber for the plumbing stuff & a different contractor for the counter?
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It's really going to depend on the plumber--I've used some who were qualified to do a full bathroom remodel themselves, and others who worked with subcontractors for stuff like countertops. If you're using Angie's List, the plumber should indicate on their page what they can do.
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Yeah, you need a cabinetry person for the countertop. With a plumber doing it all (IF he or she said they could do it) you run the risk of a crappy countertop installation.
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I had a general handyman-type guy do all those things.
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This is all really simple stuff and well within the capabilities of any competent handyman so long as you're talking about basic laminate countertops. If you're planning on something fancier like granite, Corian, etc. then the countertops may require more of a specialist.
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Some counter installers have their own preferred plumbers, so check that out. They show up for the job together.
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As long as they aren't working "behind the wall" any decent handyman should be able to do this. Plumbing, once you are in front of the wall is really easy these days and requires only an adjustable crecent wrench, maybe a pipe wrench and some teflon tape.

Something to note is that unless you have an undermounted sink or a built-in: replacing the countertop is difficult and the labor costs will be exceed the cost of a new vanity.

I would buy a new vanity and reuse the sink.

Going on a bit of a tangent here: I've known people who have used Angie's list with less than satisfactory results. I would ask for pictures and recommendations from clients of the particular contractor from ten or more years ago. It is easy to make something look nice when it is first built but the real test is whether or not the work held up over time, especially when you are dealing with water.

I do this for a living and I've seen so much shit work it kills me. Memail me if you have any questions.
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