MFT application: letter of reference & personal statement samples? Help!
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Hi Mefi Community, I would like to apply for an MFT grad program but feel a huge block when it comes to the personal statement, as well as the letter of reference(s). One of my recommenders has asked that I draft the letter of reference and he will approve it after review, but I've never actually even seen one of these before, so do not know where to begin!

I can't seem to find any MFT-specific samples out there, so thought I would try reaching out to my community (you all) for help. Would anyone happen to be willing to help a well intentioned stranger out by sharing a successful example letter of recommendation and/or personal statement with me?

I hate to ask, but I've been feeling very overwhelmed by these 2 simple tasks because so much rides on my getting accepted. Psychology is not my current field, so I am even more of an outsider in terms of having an idea of what the school looks for.

Don't worry, I would not dare copy your example…my personal ethics would never allow it. To be completely honest, I have a bit of a learning disability, as well as particularly low self esteem. I can get by in most situations but still want to try for this goal, rather than letting my insecurities continue to get the better of me. I feel that I would make a good therapist someday with the proper training, practice, and strong dedication to personal & professional development. I am just one of those people who has to put forth 10x the amount of effort than most people. Here are a few things that I've been up to over the past 2 years in prep:

• Received a life coaching certification in the UK, and then one in the US
• Became registered with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
• Mentoring & coaching teenage girls in an underprivileged urban area.
• Will begin volunteering as an evening telephone counselor in February.
• Was working 2 jobs, 7-days a week to save up money to go back to school. Finally ready (though will still take out loans)!
• On a personal level, I've been working through quite a few "issues" related to ongoing trauma and abuse that happened whilst growing up. Though it sounds grim, it's actually been very healing and exciting in a way to gain awareness and adopt tools to move beyond things that have been holding me back from reaching my full potential.
• Reading and researching a lot! Almost any free moment I get, I am reading about psychology or volunteering in order to feel prepared for a graduate level program, as well as the interview process in order to be selected for the programs.

I'd really like to apply now, rather than feeling like I'll never be quite ready (or good enough). Anyhow, if anyone would be willing to give me some pointers, or preferably, share a sample of your grad school personal statement, and/or letter of recommendation(s).

I thank you so much for your help and support in helping me to continue to reach my goal of becoming a licensed therapist. Feel free to send me a private message or email me at if you would be so generous and kind to assist.

Warm thanks and appreciation!
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This is not MTF-specific, but has been helpful to me in the past.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Wavelette!
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