Need to remove a file from Yahoo Groups but we don't know what group
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A document revealing my friend's private information has shown up on Google searches and she is hoping to have it removed. It looks as if someone posted the PDF to Yahoo Groups, as a file attachment. The trouble is that we can't figure out what Group it belongs to because the URL is obscure.

Can someone figure out what group this would refer to?{another number}/name/{filename}

Is the first number a group ID# that we could identify somehow? She lives in Brazil if that helps.

Any help much appreciated.
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I couldn't work out how to identify the group, but here (1, 2) are a couple of similar questions asked on Yahoo Answers where Yahoo staff deal with unwanted personal information in files on or explain how to get them removed.
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And yep, as in the links A Thousand Baited Hooks posted, here's another query on Yahoo! Answers where someone asked to have their info removed and it appears to have been taken care of by Yahoo! staff.
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You might be able to find this by using a link: style Google search.

Since the document is in the Google index it is likely that the page linking to it also is there, and that page should tell you which group it is.
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