First generation iPad browser (or other!) help for crashing, viewing
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My iPad 1 (iOS 5) crashes a lot and has trouble viewing some sites (dlisted, I'm looking at you). I'm running Safari. Any advice on how to make it stop is greatly appreciated, I'm happy to change settings, browser, jailbreak, etc, I just don't know what to do.

I'm also happy to answer any questions - I haven't cleaned up anything or deleted any cookies etc etc as I don't know where to start.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
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Over time iOS installs can get pretty crunchy, so my rec would be to back all your data up to iTunes and iPhoto on your computer AND iCloud, and then do a factory restore to have the iOS reinstalled. It's somewhat labor intensive on an older tablet like the iPad 1, so be generous with how much time you allot to the task. Once the iOS is reinstalled you can start restoring content back to the tablet. Just don't do a restore from backup unless you're desperate because that will return the iPad to its old, crunchy state.
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The iPad 1 has not enough ram for many modern websites. The same problem causes many apps and games to be unstable on the that device.
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You can try other browsers which can be installed normally from the App Store. For instance, Chrome and Mercury are slightly faster and less often to crash than Safari on an iPad 1.
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