Using mascara without the brush.
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So I'm having a recurrent pink eye issue that has been going on for months. Obviously eye make-up is a no go, but considering this has been going on for so long, I feel I should probably just work around it instead of waiting it out. Does anyone have any techniques for putting on mascara without touching the brush?

I figure I'm good for avoiding contamination as long as I don't put the brush on my eye and then back into the tube. I've tried putting it on my fingers and rubbing it on, which works for all my other make-up, but that doesn't work at all for mascara.

I don't tend to wear make-up, so this is just for those once or twice a month episodes where cultural norms come into play.

(And yes, it's all new make-up.)
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Buy disposable mascara wands.


Dip a clean cuticle stick or Q-tip into the tube, spread out on a clean plate or mirror or some other palette and use a fan brush or eyebrow comb that you can apply with and wash between uses.
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You could buy disposable mascara wands like they use at Sephora for the trial products. Use a wand once and throw it away. Not the most environmentally friendly option, but for a temporary problem I wouldn't feel too bad about it.

Added benefit of keeping your fingers out of your eyes altogether.
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Disposable masacara brushes!

You can find them at pretty much any drugstore.
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You can buy packs of mascara wands at beauty supply stores. Ideally, use a new one each time. I don't know if you could adequately sanitize them for re-use.

When you applied it with your fingers, did you try use a lash comb afterward to separate your lashes? IME metal lash combs work best but they can be hard to clean because if you pull too hard on the teeth they pop out.
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They sell disposable mascara brushes. It seems perfect for this. You can get a 50 pack for about 5 or 10 dollars.
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I had no idea they sold disposable mascara brushes. Thanks!
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For reference: the name of that kind of applicator is "spoolie."
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This may be answering the spirit of your question and not the letter -
I gave up mascara after I found 1000 hours lash dye.

10 minutes. Never think about it again for another 6 weeks.
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