How long is too long for muscles to heal?
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So I'm older now and I know that injuries take long to heal. I'm just trying to get a handle on my new normal. I pulled the muscles in my upper arm two months ago and it's still sore. Is this normal for age 40ish?

So I'm 41. Not in super great shape though am on track with improving that aspect. Two months ago I slipped on my stairs and pulls my arm. It was a stretching type pull as my arm got caught behind me and stretch. At the time of the injury I felt dizzy from the pain enough to have to lie down. After it still worked with full range of movement but I couldn't lift or do much for a few days because it had no strength.

Now two months, almost three it's still sore. Not enough to affect any daily work or movement but sore enough to always be noticible. It's more annoying then anything. It's also quite sore when I wake up in the morning and hurts (maybe a 5 on the pain scale) when I purposely stretch it out.

In my younger life I was more physically active in sports and my job and always was hurting or pulling something so I am used it. I know things heal faster in youth and are different now. Just not sure how different they're supposed to be or if I should be looking into other reasons why it's taking so long.

As I said above it's not really affecting me mobility wise. Just wondering if muscles taking months to heal from a strain from here on in is something I have to look forward too.
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IANAD, but to me, that sounds like a long time to be in pain from a pulled muscle. I'd suggest consulting a doctor to see if you have pulled or torn a ligament, or have some other kind of injury.
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That's not a muscle strain. I'm older than you and take part in a sport where pulled muscles are fairly common. Recovery shouldn't take more than a few days. You ought to get it looked at.
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Do the rotator cuff injury test, and see a doctor.
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Thanks all. I just checked out that rotator cuff link and it seems like I may fit into a possible minor injury..pain but still mobile.

I'll see my doctor once the holidays are over.
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Just to give you an idea, I hurt my rotator cuff and finally broke down and saw a sports medicine doc/physical therapist in September and even with therapy and various exercises it's only juuust now starting to feel good and back up to full strength.
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Are you sure it's just a pulled muscle and not actually a torn tendon?
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Good to hear that you're seeing a doctor: I let a similar shoulder injury percolate along for a while and it took months of physio and finally a cortisone shot to put things right-ish.
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