Is There Such a Thing as 1000D Ballistic Nylon?
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ThinkGeek is selling a "deluxe" version of their Grab-it pack holster which they claim is made from 1000D Ballistic Nylon. However, from what I can find there is no such thing as 1000D Ballistic Nylon. Instead, there's 100D Cordura Nylon (initially used in the 80's). Am I wrong here? Is the description on ThinkGeek incorrect? If it is, what is the primary difference(s) between Cordura and Ballistic nylon?
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The "D" stands for denier, a measure of the fabric's weight/thickness. "Cordura" is a brand name

The original specification for ballistic nylon was an 18 ounce nylon fabric made from 1050 denier high tenacity nylon yarn in a 2x2 basketweave.
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