Dark spots
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A couple of months ago I noticed a couple of dark spots in the back of my neck. Now they are bigger (I was getting my hair cut, they thankfully don't have hair). I'm going to the doctor at some point in the future but I'm wondering if they are 'GO NOW' priority or 'Wait until I get paid'. Any ideas?
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IANAD. They don't looked raised, which is good. My first guess was something like Tinea Versicolor, which is quite common and benign, though somewhat annoying aesthetically. If it is a kind of fungus, doc will give you a wash for it most likely.

That said, if I were you, I would probably go sooner or later, just to be sure.
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I would go immediately
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I'd get me to a doctor fairly quickly. They may well be nothing, but spots changing size are cause for concern.
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Yes, speaking from experience that looks like Tinea. You can either get a prescription cream or a two-dose pill to clear it up. Unfortunately, it does recur.
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Yeah, that looks like tinea to me too. Get seen ASAP and in the mean time you may need to repeatedly wash all your towels with bleach and hot water, or just ditch them all together. If it is tinea or something similar you'll reinfect yourself over and over if you don't use a towel once and then wash it.
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Yeah. That looks like tinea versicolor. I get it on my abdomen when I'm really sweaty on a regular basis, like in the summer or when I exercise and don't immediately change and shower. I saw a dermatologist and she prescribed an RX dandruff shampoo and I use that as body wash when it occurs. No big deal, just kinda ugly.
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Go to the doctor now. If there is a 1% chance that your doctor says what my doctor said: "You would have been dead in six months." is that a risk you want to take?
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