Is there a decent weekly news-in-review podcast?
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I've been looking for a good weekly news-in-review podcast, but I can't find one. Surely one must exist - right?

I know of topic-specific podcasts (the week in politics or tech or sports or...). And I've found a number of daily news summaries from the likes of NPR, BBC, etc. What I'm seeking, though, is something like an audio equivalent of Time or Newsweek, which summarizes the week's key developments across domains. I'm aware of news-as-entertainment, like Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me, and commentary shows like Left, Right & Center. But doesn't anyone have just a walk-through of the week's stories? I'd prefer something U.S.-centric, though one that covers global news would be interesting, as well.
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May not be exactly what you're looking for, but The Diane Rehm Show's Friday lineup is a weekly news roundup, and the whole show is available in podcast form. You may be able to use Yahoo Pipes or something similar to build an RSS feed of just the Friday shows if you'd rather not get all of them.
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Like Diane Rehm, Tom ashbrook also does a weekly review show.
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