Help me find very large wool or wool blend socks
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I have very wide feet and I wear either a sock for wide feet or a sock in size 12-15 or XXL. These are hard enough to find in regular white cotton socks and I need to find them in a warm wool or wool blend sock.
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Smart Wool's sizing page says that their XL sock fits men's 12-14.5 shoe size..

And, they are GREAT socks...
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These on Amazon may suit your needs.

ForBigFeet looks promising.

I feel you on this. I'm a lady with wide calves and I am forever in search of knee highs that stay up and/or don't cut off circulation to my feet.
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Icebreaker XL and Smartwool XL work for me (size 16 narrow).
Can't comment on how they work for wide feet.
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I wear a women's 12ee and smartwool Xl socks are a bit big for me
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I've got a fair collection of Smartwool and REI branded wool and wool blend XL socks for my size 15 feet. You should find no shortage of them at REI.
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Yup, Smartwool. I normally recommend off-brands in threads like this one, but Smartwools are the only ones I have personal experience with which I'd be confident recommending for your sizing needs. Their heavyweight winter socks are very roomy and stretchy. My feet aren't as big as yours, but my winter Smartwools (which fit my size 10 men's feet just fine) seem like they could easily go on much larger feet than mine with no trouble. They're not the largest size, either.

Smartwool socks, especially the heavy winter ones, are solidly in the expensive-but-totally-worth-it category for me. They've lasted me about five years at this point and show few if any signs of wear. They are also extremely comfortable and will do a much better job of keeping your feet dry and happy than cotton socks. Unconditionally recommended, aside from the price. You may be able to find deals on eBay though, or in the clearance section of your local outdoor adventure store.
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My best friend wears a 12 EEEE (that's four E's) men's shoe. He likes socks from Woolrich.
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You might also check with a shoe store that specializes in wide shoes.
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Here are a few more options beyond what others have already mentioned...

Duluth Trading Company tends to carry larger sizes in a lot of their clothing. There are a number of large wool socks at that page I linked. Also, they have a good reputation for customer service, so you could just call them and see what they recommend.

Among hikers, Darn Tough wool socks get a lot of attention. They have a pretty awesome guarantee, so if you try them and they don't work for you, you can get your money back. If you wear them out, they'll send you a new pair: Guarantee. You can also call them directly for recommendations.

My brother has bigger feet and has been using Wigwam Socks almost exclusively for the last couple of years.

Thorlo is the other brand you could check into. I've never used them, but they definitely have bigger sizes. Most of the wool socks go to shoe size 13-15, and a few go even bigger than that, according to their sizing chart.

If you have a Cabela's or Bass Pro or similar hunting-type store nearby, they tend to have a good selection of big, warm, wool socks, too.
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I should add that most of the wool socks that I have tried on that were a XL size were not big/wide enough.
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