Where to find mulled wine in Vancouver, BC Dec 28, 29 ?
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The only place the Internet indicates we can find this is the Christmas Market, which has ended for the season. I've called a few places but haven't found anyone who currently has this beverage on their list. Will be there the 28th - 30th, and if anyone could point us at a place where we could find a glass of Gluhwein, mulled wine, Glogg (insert appropriate diacriticals where needed,) would be most appreciative.
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Google says Pourhouse, The Union, Discover Wines (daily samples all this month), Café Barney (?), possibly Bimini's.
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Make your own!
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Definitely make your own. I do this for my wife and I all winter long:

Cut an orange into 4 wedges. Juice it into a pot, toss in the peels.
Add 1.5 teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg, and whole cloves
Add a tablespoon of brown sugar
Pour 1L of red wine into the juice and spices (I use Nicolas Laloux - a nice cheap red wine)
Add a splash of water
Heat to just before boiling
Strain and serve. (I pour from the pot through a sieve straight into a mug)

Takes 15 minutes... easy to do while you prepare something else, and is a nice way to elevate cheap wine.
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