Good-quality men's warm pajamas (not made in China)
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Misterben is seeking good-quality warm men's pajamas. LL Bean is excluded since the quality has dropped in recent years. Pants only or a set are OK. Flannel is preferable, although fleece will also be considered. The price should be approximately under $50 USD. Finally, they must not be made in China or from a brand that is known to use sweatshops. He loves US-made brands but we know that is hard to find at this price point.
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My husband has a pair of flannel pants from Vermont Flannel that he loves.
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Pendleton might work.
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Most Pendleton items are made in China now; some are US-made, but it's mostly blankets and the like. The flannel pajamas at the linked page are listed as 'Imported," which almost certainly means China.

I have a pair of the Vermont Flannel Company pajama pants, made in Vermont. The flannel they use is excellent. The fit and stitching are a little idiosyncratic. They only offer unisex sizing, and for me (I'm male) this means a lot of extra room in the hips. On the plus side, they have pockets.

I also have a pair of the Lee Valley pajama pants, made in Ireland. Some colors are available from the Vermont Country Store, others directly from Lee Valley Ireland as well as various other retailers. At $70 for the set they are a little pricey but maybe you can find them on sale. These fit better than the Vermont Flannel ones for me. No pockets.
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Try Wittman Textiles; they clearly mark which items are made in the US. Looks like they may not be selling US-made flannel pants right now, though.
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Confirming Vermont Flannel. Mr Corpse and I have four or five pairs between us. They'll cost you more than $50, but they last a long time.
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American Apparel is selling flannel pajama pants for $38.
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