Best Canadian mail-away negative scanning services?
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I have some 120 and some 35mm negatives that I would like to have scanned, and there's nowhere nearby that offers this service. Has anyone in Canada used a online mail-away negative scanning service? If so, what was your experience? If you do this regularly or have used more than one, which is your go-to?
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ABC Photo in Vancouver has had a good reputation for decades (since 1966).
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I haven't tried their mail-in service myself, but Photo Expert in Delta BC offers a service where you purchase a box for a flat rate of $99, and then they will scan however many negatives you can cram in there. So depending on how many sets of negatives you need scanned, this could either be a very economical way to go, or not worth it at all.

I have visited their location many times for negative scanning when I lived nearby. Scans come out in good quality (300dpi), and particularly for 120 film their prices just a fraction of what anyone else wanted to charge me for the same end result.. something like .35 cents a scan vs several dollars per scan, quite the bargain if you ever happen to be in the area, though it's not a quick turnaround.
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The canonical answer is/was scancafe but they are in India. Probably only worth it if you have lots of negatives.
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