men's leather trench coat, in the Greater Toronto Area?
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Where in the GTA (greater Toronto area) is a good place to look, for a quality, genuine leather men's trench coat?

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of doing some post-Christmas shopping, for a men's leather trench coat - and emphasis on the trench-coat, not a jacket but a full length coat like... well like you see in the WWII movies, what the gestapo are wearing ;)

The last time I looked I couldn't really find a trench coat in the usual suspects of department stores or leather goods shops in malls. Jackets and regular coats yes, but not a trench coat. Looking at the prices of what was for sale, left me with the impression this is going to be a pricey purchase. OK, but then I better make sure I get a good one...

thank you
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Part of the problem is that it's just not a popular item. (The gestapo not being an awesome organization that people look up to, no matter how keen a fashion sense they may have had.)

You may need to go mail-order on this one.

Here's a Leather Duster.

Here's a Leather Trench.

Here's a very inexpensive one.

Here's one from our friends at Overstock.

And one on Amazon.
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Northbound Leather, west side of Yonge just north of Wellesley. NB, if you're not familiar, is a sex shop specializing in all sorts of leather goods. But they do sell leather clothing as well. Their prices are high, but so is the quality. And if they don't have one, they should be able to connect you with some of their suppliers, who may be able to lay their hands on one, or custom tailor one for you.
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