How can I filter one term out of my feedly feeds?
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There is exactly one word that I never, ever want to read anything about, and it's super-hot right now (with no end in sight) and comes up all the time lately in the stuff I read via RSS. I use Feedly on Firefox. Is there a script that does this? Some kind of native setting in Feedly that I haven't found? If there's a solution that is cheap-but-not-free, I'd happily consider it. Anyone?
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I don't see anything for Firefox in a brief search but I did find a Google Chrome extension that does what you want.
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You could try Yahoo pipes, I've used it before to make some custom rss feeds.
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If it's just one or three feeds then Yahoo Pipes is your answer. I don't know of a more high-level answer, though.
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There's a Chrome extension that will replace words in webpages with whatever you choose. It looks like this is a similar Firefox add-on (that's just the first Google result, you might want to shop around, so to speak). That would censor the individual word, at least.
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Response by poster: N.b., I'm absolutely not AT ALL interested in changing this word into something else -- it's not the word itself that bothers me; I simply do not want to read anything about this topic, and it would definitely become obvious on reading more (suppose it were the type of thing often prefaced with a "trigger warning" -- the word itself is what I WILL avoid, but the CONTEXT is what I WANT to avoid). I will be happier if I can hide any post mentioning this word.

JDHarper's Chrome extension looks like it does what I want, but I prefer not to change browsers, if I don't have to.
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I use Zapier pretty heavily for work, and it looks like it will let you filter out an RSS feed and publish the result into another feed. I played around with it for a few minutes, here's a sample Zap. You'd have to individually add each RSS feed to Zapier, or you could merge all of your feeds into another feed, and filter that one.
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If you don't want to switch browsers, you probably wouldn't want to switch RSS feed services either, but I'll just mention that Feed Wrangler and Feedbin seem to have good keyword/boolean filtering. It's one of the reasons I'm considering switching myself. Here's a review that goes into depth on the differences, in case you or anyone else in the thread is interested.
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