What can I do on Christmas Eve in Fort Smith, Arkansas?
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As part of an epic, if ill-timed, roadtrip, I will be in Fort Smith AR on the evening of Dec 24. What might I find open in terms of restaurants and entertainment?
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i grew up in the area - some fast food, waffle house, some movie theaters, and a couple of gas stations. you miiiiiight have better luck with entertainment down fayetteville way.
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I live across the stream in MS. When I go visit my parents around Xmas I always get a little stir crazy and have to get out of the house. In my hometown the only thing open on Xmas Eve and Xmas is the glorious Waffle House. Nothing compares to eating bacon, hasbrowns, and maybe a grilled cheese while sipping coffee in a Southern Waffle House on Christmas. Its truely a magical experience.
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My parents grew up in Fort Smith. Visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving, we often found ourselves eating at Ruby's cafeteria (due to what grandparents like and what is open). Nowadays, Rogers Ave has all the chain restaurants you can think of, which would likely be open.

Nadawi has it right - there isn't much going on in Fort Smith, particularly on holiday days. You could always drive around and look at people's lights - that is something we would do when nothing was open.
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Fort Smith has a number of awesome Vietnamese restaurants that may well be open Christmas Eve.
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Keep driving.
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