Where to go for high quality freelancers? (Angies list for oDesk?)
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I'm a big fan of outsourcing, and use oDesk extensively. But sometimes I need a reliable worker from a recommended source. Is there an Angie's List equivalent for online professionals?

More details:

For research, smaller copywriting assignments, and other laborious tasks, oDesk is great. I'd say that I've had medium success with it overall, but I tend to shy away from using oDesk when I need a reliably good piece of work, quickly. What usually ends up happening is putting a posting up, speaking with a few applicants, then hiring 2 - 3 before someone is able to perform properly.

Sometimes I have time to go through this process, but other times I just need a reliable worker with a strong community recommendation. In this case, I need a corporate graphic designer experienced with data visualization. More generally though, I'm hoping that the hivemind can point me in the direction of an Angie's List equivalent to online professionals.
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you can try the aiga design jobs board where there are listings for graphic designers.
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I'm a graphic designer who has found Linked In to be a rich community of designers, illustrators and artists. Lots of talented newcomers looking for a break or new projects, as well as established designers who freelance. Signing up is free, and you can check out tons of resumes and profiles.
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As you're finding out, screening all those applicants takes work. Thats why temp agencies and pay-to-post job boards cost money. Also, don't expect these people to work for as cheap as oDesk/craigslist. You get what you pay for.

Your local AIGA, Corofloat, Behance all have good selective job boards.

And, theres also MefiJobs!
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This is a task for your network, which is why you should be religious in building up and massaging it.

Into the hopper you put contact information for good people who have worked for you before and also people in your position who will know good freelancers. Even if one of your freelancers is busy, s/he can give you the name of a friend or colleague. People who have done good work for you through oDesk should be a good resource.

People who have mentored you, or whom you've mentored, are also good sources for recommendations.

The January 14, 2013 issue of the New Yorker had an article called Outsource Yourself, though that may be mostly personal services such as cleaning and dogwalking, and only available locally. Your local library should be able to pull it up online or pull the hard copy. The library will have other good sources. Anything is better than trolling through Craigslist.
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the blog design observer also has a job board
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