Sutter Health doctor rec needed
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I'm moving to the Brentwood area and need a new doctor (family medicine/internist/GP) who is part of Sutter Health. My wishlist: Relatively young, female, not obsessive about my weight, good diagnostician, uses MyHealthOnline.

I've had two great doctors with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Both were really personable, were really responsive, knew me and my situation well, and were willing to help me with getting more fit but didn't ascribe every single issue to my weight or harass me about my size. I would like another doctor like this! I don't care if they're a DO or an MD (I've had good experiences with both).

Because I'm already sort of part of Sutter through PAMF, I'd prefer to stay with the system. I would just keep my current, awesome doctor, but I'm moving an hour and a half away. I have a weird medical history and would rather not be that far away from help (my history is also the reason for the "good diagnostician" requirement).

I know it's a long shot and few Mefites live in east Contra Costa County, but if you do or you know anyone there to ask, I would really appreciate it!

P. S. I did google for HAES etc. doctors. The one person who is always listed, Dr. Lenny Husen, is a hospitalist. So that's not useful at all.
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I don't have anyone to recommend, but you could check the archives of BPN, or post your question to the email list. People ask for doctor recs in the greater Bay Area all the time.
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I'll check into it, though they don't really seem to have East County coverage/interest.

Alternatively, if anyone thinks we should go with John Muir instead of Sutter, I would be interested to hear about that too.
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