What kind of palm tree is this?
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I bought this tree at a stoop sale about 8 years ago and they told me it was a "weeping palm". Just got around to googling that name and it looks like that might not be a real name for any kind tree, or at least any kind that tells me what kind of potting soil it wants. Help? Bonus points if you help me take awesome care of it.
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Response by poster: Come to think of it, is it even a palm?
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Best answer: Not a palm, a Dracaena marginata. Care instructions.
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Best answer: Jamaro beat me to it. It really does look very similar to the Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata) that I have in my office.

Yours looks like it's doing pretty well, as there is no browning of the tip of the leaves. The one in my office is hardy and tolerates high temperature swings, deals fine with direct sunlight and dusty leaves. Just make sure you don't over-water, which might lead to root rot. If you get browning, or if you suspect salt build-up or that it needs a larger pot (if the roots are growing through the bottom of the pot), re-pot with all-purpose potting mix.
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Dragon tree! I have one that I got in 4" pot at Wal Mart in 1993. I've had to trim it back several times when it's hit the ceiling ... it's a very hardy plant.
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I think it's a dracaena anita which has curved longer leaves compared to the version linked by Jamaro. It's a pretty common houseplant. I have two which started as babies I picked up at Ikea. They are huge and healthy and all I do is water weekly and repot every summer.
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