Now that is a nice track suit.
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Help us realize our holiday dream of eating ice cream in front of the tube in matching track suits.

This year my husband and I finally watched the entirety of The Sopranos. And what we took away from it most was the range of, and effortless ease of, track suits, worn by almost everyone in the cast in at least one scene. The track suit: such a versatile leisure garment. So husband and I would like to get a set of matching track suits for Christmas. The specifics:

1. We would prefer to get them in person, so as to feel the fabric and such before buying it. We live in Chicago. However if the best matching track suit purveyor is an online shop, we will pursue it.
2. We want full zip jackets for the top, as opposed to half-zip pull over type tops.
3. I would prefer a nice velour or French terry, although my husband is less enthused by velour. Neither of us want the windbreaker material type of track suit.
4. Pants should be straight leg, not elastic ankle. There could be a bit of flare in mine, but straight leg should be the default.

So, Metafilter, I ask you: where can we get our matching tracksuits? Is SportMart our best bet, or should we look at a department store? We have gabagool to eat by the fistful and no proper garments to wear as we stand in front of the fridge to do so.
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You may have luck with Adidas, specifically their Originals line and the Firebird style. They sell them in both men's and women's sizes. I don't think you'll find them in velour (although I'd be delighted to be proven wrong!), but they have several varieties of soft material that are great. At the very least, you'll have that nice Romanian gymnast look.

For something a little more... classic, try Blair. They have that advertised-in-the-back-of-Parade-Magazine-next-to-the-hammer-toe-remover thing goin' on.
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I think the plushy version can be found on eBay. Don't have a link but there are a lot of matching tracksuits for bachelorette parties and such. I bet there are some for men as well. Not sure if the quality is what you'd like with that option. Alternatively, look for some local shirt printing service, they might have some zip-up sweatshirts and matching pants to print logos on for sport's clubs and other groups. I also want to echo pdq's sentiment!
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Definitely go with classic Adidas. I bought my friend's kid -a ninth month old- a tracksuit so he could look effectively tri-state area enough if he ever came to visit.
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For in person purchases, I recommend trying Niketown and the Adidas and Puma stores. Also American Apparel. Tony and Carmela would never shop there, but they do carry a Track Pant and Track Jacket, which are supposedly unisex.
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Could you not just get a onesie? A lot of those are velour.
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Do you have a TJ Maxx or a Marshall's near you? I've seen them at those sorts of stores -- discount but not rock bottom.
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The Adidas Originals tracksuit is the classic favored by Run DMC and the Tenenbaums, but it doesn't seem to be the one worn on the Sopranos.
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Pajamagram You could return it if you don't love it.
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