Looking for these dining utensils made from large nails
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Last month I had dinner at a restaurant in Rome that used these utensils. They seem to each be made from a single, large nail. I've tried to find them online, but have come up empty. Maybe the hivemind has some ideas?
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Can't help you with a source, but FWIW they're almost certainly not made from actual nails.
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Replacements.com might be able to help.
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Like jon1270 says, they are probably just made to look as if they were made from nails, not actually made from nails.
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Any way you could contact the restaurant and ask?
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Response by poster: PuppetMcSockerson: I've tried to find it based on the general whereabouts and failed. Even looked for it on street view, but the camera-car drove along side a large coach/bus that blocked that side of the street. So... no :(
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Well, nail head designed spoons were a thing in the 20's and 30's it seems. I can't find anything else more contemporary though, and it's difficult to google because nailhead is a design term for upholstery.
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I would call something that large a "spike", not a "nail".
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could they have been blacksmithed? i would ask the ferndale blacksmith store, on the web at ferndaleblacksmith.com, it's an incredible store if you're ever in the eureka, california area.
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Well, they are not unique. The restaurant Chutney Mary in Kuala Lumpur uses the same cutlery. This blogger wrote about it. Maybe contact that restaurant instead?
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I think it's unlikely that they were made by modifying a spike. For one thing, spikes and nails are made from iron, and cutlery is usually stainless steel. Iron cutlery would rust.
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Best answer: This set from West Elm? I know it's not the same, with not quite as pronounced of a nailhead at the bottom, but maybe it's close enough if you can't find the exact set.
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