Online crossword creator that can be filled in online.
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I need a crossword creator tool that will allow me to choose my words and post the clues. There are a great many that let me do this and then print out my results and hand out as necessary. I want my final result though to be a live form that i can embed on my website that students can go to and fill out online. The search terms that I am using keep pointing me to creators that I have to print out. Any help would be great.
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By googling "online crossword creator output webpage" I found Eclipse Crossword which seems to have what you're after. Haven't tried it out though.
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Since you haven't gotten any answers (and I don't have one either), I thought I would post with some more places that you might ask this question to get a better response.

My favorite crossword bloc is Rex Parker Does the NYTimes Crossword. He talks mostly about the daily puzzle, but he has lots of contact information on his site for other blogs and other constructors and the things that constructors talk about.

One of the things that might help you is the website for constructors. It has lots of information, forums to ask questions, and (most important for you, perhaps) it has a page with software recommendations for people who want to construct crosswords.

I'm not a constructor, so I have no idea if any of these would work for you, but someone who frequents one of those websites will be able to help you.
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Crossword Compiler is the construction software I use, and it has a "web export" function where you can upload your completed puzzles to the internet.

The construction itself isn't online, but you can publish it for free for your students to access online (IIRC, they appear at There's a demo at the site so you can try it out.
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