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I am replacing an old XServe running Snow Leopard Server with a Mac Mini which is currently running Mountain Lion Server. I would like to know what is the best way to do this.

I've bought a Mac Mini to replace an aging XServe. Currently the Mac Mini is running Mountain Lion.

This is my plan
1. Upgrade to Mavericks
2. Migrate data and settings from the old server
3. Install Mavericks Server App from the App Store

The server is the domain controller and is used for DHCP etc and local file storage.

Mac Gurus - is this the right way to do things?
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this article covers the supported upgrade/migration process: OS X Server: Upgrade and migration from Lion Server or Snow Leopard Server. (fwiw I'd personally do a fresh Mavericks install instead of upgrading from Mountain Lion, but that's just me)
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