What did I read and where?
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I am trying to find an article I read online, sometime in the past month or two.

The article was about a study or some data around the wealthy having an aversion to raising the general standard of living of others because it lessened the gap between themselves and everyone else, which is actually the thing they value more than money itself.

I can't find it anywhere, I have no memory of where the data came from either. Long shot but little help here?
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This is an older article, from 2012, but it's still being reported on. It's about the connection between wealth and reduced compassion/empathy for others. Maybe you read something that referenced this study?
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Or, as a long shot, it could have been an article in this NY Times series.
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Was it this?
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Robert Frank has made a career based on that argument. He writes columns for the New York Times, many of which focus on the issue; e.g.
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