UK Noise pollution laws?
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UK Law filter. What laws are there regarding industrial noise pollution at night?

The story: In the early hours of this morning, a huge lorry with a telescopic arm parked up about a foot outside my flat and started cleaning the windows of the office block opposite. They finally finished about 4am. I called the police but they claimed not to be able to do anything.

The lorry was flashing its strobe lights and revving really loudly the whole time, i imagine to power the boom. There was no way i could sleep, and I was extremely pissed off seeing as I had to get up early.

I want revenge. Any lawyers or experts care to let me know what options I have? I've complained to the Council, but they say you have to have to keep some sort of fucking diary, useless bastards.

Ideally i'd like someone to be hit with a big fucking fine, and for it to never happen again. Thanks!
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This PDF

states that :

"The most common route involves complaining to your local authority about the noise problem. Local authorities have a duty to investigate complaints from premises (land and buildings) and vehicles, machinery or equipment in the street. Under sections 80 and 81 of the Environmental rotection Act 1990 (as amended by the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993) local authorities have a duty to deal with any noise which they consider to be a statutory nuisance."

Much more at:

You're probably going to need some proof - although I suppose the call to the Police is a good start.
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The Noise Abatement Society might be able to help.
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The police will be of no help - the council is the right route. Unfortunately as you said you will have to usually "keep some sort of fucking diary" as proof that it is consistent. Mark the times and keep harrassing the council. And invest in earplugs. Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. I do have some proof! I recorded a short video on my mobile phone at 1.30am!

The diary thing: it only happens quite rarely so i'd never be able get enough evidence i think.

Thanks for the noise abatement society link! very informative.
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I have noisy neighbours. One morning, at 3am, they decided to have a jazz jam in the room next to my bedroom. Piano, guitars, bongos, trumpets. They are very talented, but extremely annoying. And fucking selfish.

Anyway. Phone calls to the police and council finally culminated in a call to the noise complaints department (as far as I recall) in my local council. The woman I spoke to said that they had a roaming crew who would check out complaints, as they were made. However, they only operate until 4am. It was now 3:45am, and she said they wouldn't get round to my area. She sent me a "noise diary" which she said I should fill in. If the incidents carried on, I presume I could use it to make some sort of formal complaint.

Basically, nothing was done. So I went round there, stormed in, called them all a bunch of **** and told them to stop immediately or I'd be round again. That seemed to work :-) If it happens again, go and speak to the people involved. Get contact details, get names, get company details. Ask them to stop, and keep asking until they do. They're just contractors, if the job is too much hassle they'll pack up and leave.

I've since discovered that my neighbours have the same landlord as I do, so I could ask him to enforce the "no noise after 10pm" clause in their contract. Maybe the landlords of the building you mention have some similar duty. Find out who they are, and complain to them.

Basically, raise hell with anyone and everyone.

Good luck!
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