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Does anybody out there have a recommendation for a pet stroller?

I would like to buy a dear friend a pet stroller for Christmas. She doesn't have a car and has talked about getting one before so that she can cart her cat to and from the vet. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? Quality important, price also important, and I would prefer an online source so I can have it shipped directly to her. Thanks!
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A friend in my building got a Happy Trails model from Pet Gear on Amazon for the exact same reason. She's very happy with it.
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OK, when I was finding the one to link to, I saw that they have a "no-zip" model.

For my cats, I would totally get one of those!
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I use an Outward Hound backpack -- cat goes in the pack, pack goes on your back. I get lots of startled looks from people who think that I'm the source of the angry yowls issuing from the pack, tho
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The carless manager at the cat shelter I used to volunteer at had a carrier backpack of some sort. I'm not sure it would be big enough for one of my large adult kitties, but she carried some younger females around in it quite a lot.
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A few months ago, I chatted with someone who'd had one of the Happy Trails models. Per her info, she uses it regularly in all sorts of weather (though with a small dog, not a cat) and though it was obviously used, it looked in better shape than most child strollers that have been through just one kid. I was impressed.
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