Good Toyota shop in Los Angeles for maintenance and repairs
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Recently moved to the South Bay area of Los Angeles County and I am looking for a good place to take my Toyota Corolla for any maintenance and repairs it may need.

Don't limit your recommendations to South Bay if you have a shop you really like. I'm happy to go to, say, Culver City or Santa Monica if it's a really good shop.
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I've taken my car to Yuki Import Service in W.LA for 13+ years for routine maintenance and repairs. They are near Little Osaka (the Sawtelle corridor), so there are lots of cool places to hang out and explore while the work is being done.

My only caveat about them is that they don't do everything -- for example, they don't do timing belts, at least on my make/model of car -- but for most of your repair needs, they should fit the bill.

I think they would be worth the shlepp if you don't turn up anyone more local to you. They have some Saturday hours by appointment, if that helps.
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Best answer: Congratulations, lucky driver! You live near Hiro Auto Service in Torrance, my mechanic for the last several years. Hiro is the guy in the garage (limited English), Robert is the face man. They run an honest, reasonable, reliable business. I found them on Yelp (they just moved, here are the reviews from the original location) and they have gone beyond my expectations. I've gotten the works from them--oil changes, spark plug rewirings, timing belt, minor body stuff--and I can't say enough good about the efficient and transparent way they operate. They will not recommend unnecessary services, and I've tried!
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Takeda Enterprises in Gardena. 1610 W. Gardena. It's been a few years since I was there, but he always treated me right. Good peoples.
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We take our Toyota to Promise Auto. Reasonable prices, not too pushy on services. I think every time we've gone there we've gotten the car back same day.
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If you belong to AAA they can recommend shops.
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Seconding both Yuki Import Service and Hiro's Auto Service, I've gone to them when I still lived in LA. They're great people, and do good work.
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