Looking for a good webhost that will let me run Unix processes
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I'm in need of a new webhost, and I need the following: SSH/SFTP, PHP support, ability to run background processes (namely the Unix version of Dropbox), webmail forwarding, and monthly payments. I don't need much space (1 GB would likely be plenty) or bandwidth (1 GB/mo? maybe?), and the Dropbox process is literally the only thing I would have running. What's my best, cheapest option? Thanks!
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Best answer: With something like AWS or Digital Ocean you get almost complete freedom. It's not as cheap as a rock bottom shared web hosting account, but it's not bad, and much more flexible. I personally use AWS and I think it works very well for my needs.
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I've been really happy with Nearly Free Speech. No bandwidth limit, no storage limit, no clunky push-button interface, just web space.
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Best answer: Digital Ocean is a nice flat $5 a month. Great performance so far.
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Best answer: Agreed about Digital Ocean. I've been using it the last few months, never a hiccup, 15 sec reboots.
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Inception Hosting.

24 Euro/year for:
  • 2 CPU Cores (Equal Share)

  • 128 MB RAM

  • 128 MB SWAP

  • 7 GB HDD (Raid 10)

  • 300 GB Bandwidth

  • Gbit Port (Burst)

  • I have had a server with these folks for about a year, and it works like it's supposed to. Support has been exemplary.
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    pair networks? Not sure about the background processes (sorry, I don't know what those are) but I run an owncloud thing and that works fine. ? Great support there. I've never felt stupid when I've asked a question - they always treat me with respect. I've been using them for about 14-15 years, I think. I just looked at their site and it says "setup waived" right now and their plans start at $6 a month.


    This is what it says about hosting:
    Full Development Environment

    Sign up and start coding. With access via SSH & SFTP, 10 Additional FTP Logins, use of PHP, Ruby (with 1000's of gems), Python, Perl (with 1000's of modules), C, C++, and more installed, you are ready to go. Plus git, svn, and cvs revision controls are pre-installed. And, all shared Web hosting packages include an SSL enabled hosting environment.

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    Gosh, I get mailing lists at pair. I had no idea. I will have to go make one.
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    Response by poster: Digital Ocean seems to be exactly what I was looking for!
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    I'd note that there is a command line version of dropbox called for linux. https://www.dropbox.com/install?os=lnx
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    I recently learned about Cloud at cost which is dirt cheap. You get nothing but a virtual server and shell from them, and install stuff on top of it. A little too close to bare iron for me, but might work for you.
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    Most shared hosting providers don't allow persistent background processes, like a dropbox client.

    Digital ocean looks like a virtual private server provider, which should definitely be able to do what you want, and the price is good for that sort of thing, but might also require more sysadmin responsibility on your part.

    Another options, is Webfaction, which offers much of the flexibility of a VPS, but with less management required on your part.
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    Our shared-hosting does not have SSH access yet, but the VPS service Conoha does, but alas, no English until January :) But you probably want to stay local for better ping though, even though we have no bandwidth limits.
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    Normally I like Nearlyfreespeech, but they don't allow for persistent processes, so Dropbox won't work, and it won't be able to receive email, either. I'd suggest a VPS like DigitalOcean, which is only $5/month.
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    http://lowendbox.com/ is both a forum and classified ads of VPS that usually range from 256-512mb RAM / 10-30gb storage / 1/2 cores.

    I don't do a whole lot and my SLA isn't 99.99%, so I got a yearly special for $25 from INIZ with the server hosted on Los Angeles.
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    Careful with Cloud at Cost, they are brand new and appear to be figuring it out as they go along. I've noticed pretty severe stability and connectivity issues, affecting many customers and caused by really dumb mistakes. Also there are a couple of extremely severe security problems that I've noticed that would be show stoppers anywhere else, which instead they have happily put into production. And the account management portal is ridiculous and looks like it's from 2004. Also I found out after buying that it's VMware. Gross.

    These guys are rookies, I basically threw my money in a fire. They'll probably get smarter over time, but right now it's a better call to stick with Digital Ocean or Linode for this kind of cheap VPS.
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    Linode serves my needs greatly, but not sure that they have any options for $5 as Dream Ocean. With Linode you can choose your own Linux distribution, and build a "box", but cloud nodes start from $20 without backup (if I'm not mistaken).
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