Allentown PA / Bethlehem PA - Indoor Playground or Children's Museum?
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I need to entertain my 2.5 year old for several hours this weekend while my wife attends a bridal shower in Macungie, PA - which is right outside of Allentown PA, here's a Google Maps link of the area. Can anyone suggest an indoor playground or children's museum or something else that my kid might enjoy? Something within a 30 minute drive?
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Please Touch Children's Museum is the biggest children's museum in the country. It's rad. It's about an hour from Allentown, however, just outside Philly.
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The Crayola Factory in Easton!
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Seconding the Crayola factory!
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Oh, goodness -- the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown would keep you both entertained, and may offer reciprocity if you're members of another science center.
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The Please Touch Museum is what I was going to suggest despite the distance. And, FWIW, it's well within the city limits (right in the middle of Fairmount Park).
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Crayola Factory is amazeballs, but only if your 2.5-year-old is relatively mature and tolerant of high-stimulation situations; it gets crazy crowded on the weekends and has a lot of drawing/crafting activities that are really more suited for older kids. The Da Vinci Science Center will probably be mostly over his/her head, content-wise, but might be quieter and less stressy.

Bethlehem is holding their (in-tent, warm) Christkindlmarkt this weekend (performers, crafts, playhouses, food), and within walking distance is the Sands Casino with, again, indoor running space and stuff to eat. Across the river, the Bethlehem Public Library has a nice kids' room, plus big tree just outside and cool view over the river.

You said inside stuff, but in case the weather is nice, the Southern Lehigh Public Library (~20 minutes from Macungie) has a modest indoor play space/kids' room with toy trains, and is also mere steps from a really nice outdoor playground + walking path + fun under-street tunnel.

Bounce U Allentown (big room full of bouncy structures) has open-bounce preschool play hours scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Lastly, don't underestimate the possibilities of just grabbing fries and plunking the kid down in a McDonalds playplace. This one on Cedar Crest Blvd (just up the road from Da Vinci Science Center) is quite nice, very clean, with a separate play space for preschoolers and toddlers vs. older kids.
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