Where to get a REAL Santa suit?
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Where to get a REAL Santa suit? I don't want a costume! I want something I can wear as I work outside in the winter, real functional clothes that happen to be red and lined with white fur.

So, like, the jacket needs to be not a costume but a true lined jacket. The hat needs to be a proper functional hat. Etc., etc.

Please help me Metafilter? Can I just incidentally look exactly like Santa as I stay warm working on my farm?
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You'd get way too warm working in a fur lined jacket. Then you'd sweat, and the sweat would get you too cold.

So, assuming you'd want to do it anyways, hunting apparel would come closer as its designed for you to sit around and wait in, so its much warmer. And often comes in red, or red plaid.

You can also search for sheepskin jackets like this red-orange shearling parka.
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Here is a fleece lined Jacket at One Stop Plus (If you're a heftier person.)

This Trapper Hat is close. (Plaid)

You may want to see if someone on Etsy will knit you a red touqe with white trim.
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Hat question solved.
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Best answer: My brother and I always had a lot of fun pointing out real life Santas when we were kids. They were never the traditional red-suit-white-fur types, though. They always looked like Santa would look when he was at home (red suit is business attire, obvi) either kicking back with the Mrs. or working in his workshop.

Red overalls with a plaid shirt or some plain brown overalls over a red shirt, a warm reddish coat thrown over the top, boots, and a hat just like the one Ruthless Bunny links. You know, something comfortable, functional. It says "hi, I know I'm Santa and everything, but a fella's got to have some time to himself, you know?"

So if what you're looking for is something that will make you read as Santa, this is much more easily attainable. Not much help though if you are looking for a literal Coca Cola Santa getup.
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I agree completely with phunniemee. There was a man in my town growing up who just happened to look just like Santa. From what I recall, he wore red long underwear with pants and suspenders on top.
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