Mmmm...comic summaries.
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Are there any sites that sum up complicated storylines in comic books?

I don't read superheo comics, but for whatever reason I like to read explanations or summations of stories that greatly affect the comic universe or a famous character or team. Think "Infinite Crisis" sort of stuff.
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The Continuity Pages has great overviews of everything.

The rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks FAQ is very comprehensive on the subject of X-men continuity.

There's annotations for Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen.

Wikipedia is usually fairly good for stuff like this, actually.
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You might enjoy this MetaChat post.
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You might want to try the blog Spoilt!
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I really enjoyed reading the 35-part recap of the Clone of Spiderman storyline, featuring lots of insider gossip from the Last Days of Marvel, here; and I didn't even read these comics!
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Good call escabeche, that is actually what prompted this post, although I read it over a year ago and couldn't recall what it was titled or where it was located or I would have included it in my question.
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DC has been running Crisis Counseling on their site, it's a regularly updated breakdown of relevant events in the lead up to Infinite Crisis. Probably a little more intentionally vaugue than you would like.
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I'm addicted to the weekly "Comics 101" column at They have scans of the appropriate panels and Scott Tipton seems to really know his stuff. The archive is here.
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