Help negotiating a salary for a sky-rocketing US/Euro e-commerce site!
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Hello! I've landed an interview for a management position at a fairly big e-commerce site, whose growth in the last couple of years has exploded and is still growing. I'll be interviewing for a position at the European headquarters (Germany), although the company is US-based. I need help asking for a salary that's both competitive and fair!

I'm currently collecting unemployment after being laid off from my last related job. I would rather not take a job that's lower than what I receive in unemployment - however, I don't want to turn down an opportunity that would be interesting to me career-wise. I'm also seeking job benefits that I may need in the near future (maternity leave) as well as the long-term (pension).

The company has given no indication of the salary range. Only a start-uppy description of benefits including free lunch, employee discounts, bonuses, etc. In an ideal world, I know that this is not something that should come up until there's a job offer from the company. However, in my experience, companies have always asked me in the first interview to name a number and later negotiate from there if they're interested in hiring. I'd rather not do that but in the past employers were always reluctant to provide a range first, and forced me to provide a number (which they either outright turned down or negotiated downwards).

My question is, what's the best way that I could approach the negotiation process with this new employer? Considering that this will probably come up in the first interview - in Germany - and it's a competitive market here where many people work for well under what I would consider a basic acceptable salary. Please note that there is currently no minimum wage in Germany. :(

Thank you for any advice that you have, especially if you have experience with dealing with German employers!!!
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Is there anything like for Germany?
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Is there anything like for Germany?

Gehaltsvergleich, amongst others.

In an ideal world, I know that this is not something that should come up until there's a job offer from the company

Why waste each others time, if they are only willing to pay less than your minimum requirement? I'm surprised they didn't ask you to put your salary expectation in the application letter, that's very common.

Personally, I would ask for the salary that the last job paid + €5000 while being clear that it's flexible. In my experience, German employers are honest when you are too expensive, and asking for too much doesn't necessarily mean immediate disqualification.
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