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I will be visiting toronto during christmas/new years and would like to have a prepaid data plan. What is the cheapest/best carrier for data sim while in toronto. Minutes matter less since i will be using phone primarily as directions, trip advisor etc . similar to this question but reversed Samsung galaxy s3 tmobile lte version phone if that matters. Also great places to go in toronto during later christmas/new years timeframe is also helpful
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We tried to get a friend set up with a Canadian SIM and data for a short trip earlier this year and it ended up being so hugely expensive that it was easier for him to just set up a Canadian roaming data plan with his US carrier than to try to pick up something in Canada. So you may want to find out what your own carrier charges for a one month upgrade to your data plan to cover your trip. It might be the easiest and cheapest thing.
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Best answer: Wind mobile will sell you a SIM for $25. Daily maximum usage on the pay as you go option seems to top at $2.00, so budget $2.00/day for usage. So all told you'd probably end up paying about $50 for the trip.

They don't use LTE but the network is still reasonably fast.
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Best answer: Go to 7-11! It's awesome. Sim for $10, data for $10.
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