A crash Course into Netflix
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I just signed up for netflix (streaming only) for the first time for several years (since 06-07ish). I'm looking for some great tips, tricks, and userscripts, other websites to get the most out of netflix, particularly with tuning the ratings system so it gives very relevant recommendations.

In particular, I'm also wondering:
Is there a way to rate movies very quickly? I have hundreds of movies rated on imdb, is there a way to import those into netflix? My google-fu failed to find this.

How can I rate movies that are only available on DVD in netflix?

Any other websites or companion sites exist like instantwatcher?
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For userscripts I like Netflix Queue Sorter (v 2.98). For websites www.CanIStream.It is useful if you're interested in using other services in conjunction with Netflix.

I don't have any answers for your other questions, sorry.
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I haven't used it much since some major updates happened, but jinni.com provides much better recommendations than Netflix, hooks up to your Netflix account, and can show you only movies that are available to stream on Netflix (or Hulu Prime, or etc.).

Also, if you want to color outside the lines, Hola Better Internet Chrome extension will let you pick what country's Netflix you want to use. We found that British Netflix has a lot more movies and shows we want to watch than American Netflix.
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The website A Better Queue lets you apply the following filters to come up with a list of Netflix streaming movies: Rotten Tomatoes rating, the number of reviews, years, and genres. It will add those movies to your Netflix queue.
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Use More Flicks along with Hola to see which movies stream where.

Netflix Rottenizer overlays Rotten Tomatoes ratings over movie artwork.
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If you, like me, add movies to the queue and then cannot remember why you did that (was the movie recommended by somebody? mentioned on MetaFilter? reviewed somewhere?), then I would recommend Netflix Notes, a Firefox userscript that allows you to add notes to the movies in your DVD queue.
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Thanks for the suggestions and ideas all. Any additional answers would be appreciated.

Regarding the ability to rate movies only available on DVD, I've noticed a few films that were great recommendations for me appeared on the rate movies page and I was able to rate them there although they're only available on DVD. This is still troublesome because the list that is generated on the rate movies page is relatively random..

I also installed hola (extensions available for FF and chrome, mentioned earlier in this thread ) that will change your reporting IP address to the website so you can view things only available in certain countries. One big disadvantage that I found to this is that my existing star ratings in the USA aren't available when I use hola to report that I was in the UK and vice-versa.
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