Facebook Friend Stop Dinging Me!
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I have one friend on Facebook, whom every time he posts a status update or shares anything, I get notified or dinged on my mobile (this only happens with one other person, my girlfriend, and that's ok :>) How do I stop this? I've looked at all the options in Facebook and can't find what I need to adjust him singularly, am I just looking in the wrong place? Help!
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Is he a starred friend? (Listed as "family" or "close friend" or in another friend circle like that?) Did you "subscribe" to him?

I intentionally have my brother and grandma added as starred friends so I can see everything they post immediately. My brother because I like him and my grandma because she's 90 and doesn't really know what she's doing and clicks way too many things and one time accidentally posted some really porny video to her feed and I like to know about that asap so I can log in and delete it and save her tremendous amounts of embarrassment and strife.

But long story short, go in to the friend's profile page and make sure they're marked as a regular old friend and not anything special.
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On their page, hover over the "Friends" button (on their cover photo) and you'll see a dropdown with Interest lists, etc.

The top link here is "Get Notifications". If thats checked, uncheck it. That setting controls what you are seeing.
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Definitely sounds like you put him on a star/close friend list.
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omg, thank you so much, so simple. He was starred as a close friend. Let's see if the dings stop

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you can also keep him as a close friend, but turn off notifications

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