iPhone budgeting app with multiple users?
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I'm looking for suggestions like Toshl in the budgeting / family expenses app department.

My wife and I would like an app that we can use together to track expenses and budgeting. Toshl seems to be the only one that allows shared users.

What else is out there? What else do you like and why? I'm not against Toshl just want to read legitimate customer feedback and review other options to consider.
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Ynab (you need to buy the desktop version and have dropbox, but it's worth it). My husband and I both have the app on our phones and the software on our computers and it deals with all 4 devices without issue.
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2nding YNAB. It handles multiple devices easily.

Beyond the program itself, the YNAB site has great supporting documentation for setting up a "budgeting philosophy" that I find has been quite helpful.
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The wife and I both use YNAB on our iPhones to log expenses as we incur them (the GPS remembers locations for future entries) and they all sync to the budget we have created on the desktop version which exists on each of our two separate laptops. The two laptops and two phones all sync data through dropbox. We highly recommend it.
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Also, on review, melissasaurus is not my wife. Though reading her comment she could be.
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For reference, YNAB syncs its budget to dropbox, so you have to have dropbox installed on each device and (I believe) connected to the same dropbox account. (Although I believe there are some work-arounds on the very active forums. This allows you to use the same budget info and sync across PC, Mac, Android and iOS in all of their various incarnations.
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We used to use goodbudget when it was called EEBA for this. It was fine.
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Moneywell works similarly to YNAB, syncing through Dropbox.

I looked at YNAB several years ago and wasn't impressed by it but I also am not impressed by Moneywell's reporting. I'll have to look into YNAB again now — they didn't have synching back then — and consider switching.
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Nthing YNAB - I freaking love it. Love it love it love it.
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For you guys using YNAB, I have a question. I know that if you go over or under in a particular budget that amount is adjusted in the next month. (Same as Moneywell.) Doed YNAB do any kind of reporting on this — like, on average, how much you go over or under? Because I've found I've over-estimated or under-estimated some of my budgets in Moneywell and I'd like to adjust them to more accurately reflect what I normally spend *from the beginning* instead of pulling money into our out of them each month.

Does this make sense?
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