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I can only remember one scene, where a woman is looking for a kid gone missing (maybe her own or maybe she was babysitting) and ends up finding him with a couple of pedophiles (a man and a woman) who have the missing kid and one or two others. The kid is hidden somewhere in their place and at first she is almost ready to leave, but then something strikes her as odd, and she starts noticing little details, like the nursery floor covered with plastic (to make cleanup easier). She comes back and finds the hidden kid and I think she ends up shooting the pedo couple. The movie is from the last decade or so. I can't remember any of the actors. I think the missing kid story was just one of several intertwining stories in the movie.
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Best answer: Running Scared
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Sounds a bit like Gone Baby Gone--in one scene (if I'm recalling correctly), the protagonists are searching for a missing kid, and go to a scuzzy house for a drug deal or something, and notice one of the residents wearing the missing kid's hat or something? That's probably not right, but it's got some of the other points you're recalling. There is a female lead in that movie, but I don't think she's in the pedo shootout.
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Best answer: It is definitely Running Scared.
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Response by poster: Yep, it's Running Scared - this is the scene. (I had a feeling Paul Walker was in the movie, but then I said, nah, not his style. Guess I was wrong!)

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In addition to this being Running Scared, it's worth noting that the detail which really tips her off is how this "family" has no family photos. Anywhere. At all.
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