Real propaganda?
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Defense Against Enemy Propaganda, a 1956 film intended for US troops, contains a couple of clips of Soviet propaganda with voiceovers in English. Are they genuine Soviet films? Where did they come from?

I am specifically interested in the clips from 13:18-13:55 and 16:26-17:19.

Any information (year, title of longer films, details about what the footage is actually showing) you can share about these clips gratefully received.
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You might ask the Army Pictorial Center if they have any records.
The USSR did make films for foreign distribution to show how great everything was going.
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I'll just say that in my opinion, the only thing false is the silly accent of the English dub. The actual text read by the narrator is consistent with the overall propaganda thrust at the time. (Indeed, Russian propaganda today makes many of the same points, as in this RT piece about poverty in the US.) I think it would have been easy to write new dialog that sounded as false as the accents, so it's interesting that they did not do that.
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